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Easysweet Ovulation test is the most accurate way to use it!

  For women who are trying to conceive or are trying to conceive, monitoring ovulation is an important step, and the Easysweet Ovulation test is a commonly used tool. But I believe that women who have just started to use the Easysweet Ovulation test should not know the usage and instructions of the Easysweet Ovulation test.



  How to use Easysweet Ovulation test

  1. Usage of Easysweet Ovulation test

  First, let's understand how ovulation test strips work: ovulation test strips predict ovulation by detecting the peak level of a woman's luteinizing hormone.

  Therefore, within 24 hours before ovulation, there will be a peak of LH, which can be detected by ovulation test strips at this time. When the color of the second line of the test strip is close to, the same as or exceeds the color of the first line, it indicates that ovulation may occur in the next 24-48 hours.

  The ovulation test predicts the time of ovulation by measuring the luteinizing hormone, and its accuracy is as high as 99%.

  Easysweet Ovulation test C represents negative and T represents positive. The steps are as follows:

  1. After washing your hands, tear open the outer bag of the test paper. After opening the lid, you need to use it within an hour to avoid contamination of the reagent, and the measured effect will be inaccurate.

  2.It is best to use the morning urine test. It will take a few minutes for the excreted urine to return to room temperature for accurate results. Immerse the side of the reagent with the pointed mark in the urine to the depth of the immersion and wait five seconds at the horizontal line of the mark.

  3. The red liquid extends up to the marked position, and lay it flat on a clean place. Mainly do not touch the facial tissue, the facial tissue will absorb the liquid and affect the detection effect.

  4. You can view the results after ten minutes, and the results that appear more than half an hour are inaccurate.

  After that, you can look at your test results. If the red lines C and T are bright red, it means a strong positive, and ovulation is about to occur within 48 hours. Negative if only C showed bright red and T had no or light pink color.

  If the Easysweet Ovulation test results in a negative result, don't be discouraged and continue the test the next day until the T line deepens and a positive result is detected.

  When the Easysweet Ovulation test shows a positive result, the same room can be arranged on the same day. Have sex again every other day to increase your chances of conceiving.

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