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How to use Easysweet Pregnancy test

  The Easysweet Pregnancy test, as the name suggests, is used to detect whether a girl is pregnant. However, due to various factors, it is possible to cause errors in the test results of early pregnancy rapid detection urine test strips. So, how to use the Easysweet Pregnancy test?



  Early pregnancy, in the first month of conception, pregnant women do not feel the beginning of a new life. However, there are some important signs that will alert a woman of childbearing age that she may be pregnant. About half of women have symptoms such as chills, dizziness, salivation, fatigue, lethargy, lack of appetite, aversion to greasy, nausea, and morning vomiting about 6 weeks after menopause, which is called early pregnancy reaction. This early pregnancy reaction goes away on its own at around 12 weeks.

  Easysweet Pregnancy test usage:



  1. Before testing, you must read the instruction manual completely.

  2. Take the test strip out of the original aluminum foil bag and use it as soon as possible within 1 hour.

  3. Insert the test strip into the urine sample in the direction of the arrow. Note: The urine level should not exceed the marking line of the test strip.

  4. After at least 5 seconds, take it out and place it on a clean and flat table to observe the results.

  5. Wait for the purple band to appear, the test result should be read in 3 minutes. Invalid after 10 minutes.

  When using the Easysweet Pregnancy test, pay attention to the following: it can be tested at any time of the day, and morning urine is the best. If the test pen is taken out of the refrigerator, please keep it at room temperature before testing. When you get the result that you are pregnant, please go to the hospital to see a doctor and confirm the diagnosis, because seeing a doctor early can ensure the health of you and your baby. At the same time the doctor will give you further guidance. Easysweet Pregnancy test is suitable for all kinds of situations that need to detect pregnancy in advance. If you need it in your place, you can contact me and send an email.

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