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When is the Easysweet Pregnancy test more accurate

  The most common methods for detecting early pregnancy mainly include Easysweet Pregnancy test, basal body temperature check, B-ultrasound, and blood HCG test. The most commonly used pregnancy test at home is to use the Easysweet Pregnancy test.

  To know how long the Easysweet Pregnancy test can detect pregnancy, you must first understand how long it takes to produce HCG after pregnancy. HCG can only be produced after the same room is successfully implanted. If the fertilization is early and the implantation is early, it will take about 7 days after the earliest intercourse to have HCG in the urine, but the concentration is very low at this time, and it is difficult to detect it by the Pregnancy test. So wait at least 2-3 days for the concentration to be higher before you can see two bars, one deep and one shallow. Therefore, the earliest pregnancy test strips can detect pregnancy in about 10 days, and the results are more accurate.

  However, it is not possible to use the Easysweet Pregnancy test between 10 and 20 days after the normal menstrual period does not come to get good and accurate results.



  Because the accuracy of pregnancy test results will be affected by the following factors:

  1. If the Easysweet Pregnancy test expires or gets wet, the test may fail, resulting in false negative test results;

  2. If you are just pregnant, or there is a possibility of an ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), the HCG level in the urine will be very low. It needs to be placed for more than 3 minutes (usually only 1 minute) to observe the results, and it may just be a watermark (you can't see it carefully, and it is easy to be ignored).

  3. In extreme cases (such as hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma), the level of HCG in the body will be too high, and the urine test will not show positive;

  4. A positive result does not necessarily mean that you are 100% pregnant. Because some tumor cells such as hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma, bronchial carcinoma and renal carcinoma can also secrete HCG. Patients with endometrial hyperplasia may also have a positive HCG test;

  5. When the HCG concentration exceeds 50,000 mIU/mL (usually at 2-3 months of pregnancy), a hook effect may occur (that is, the result may be negative), and it should be diluted before testing;

  6. Patients with uterine tumor, mole, habitual abortion, threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy or menopause may have positive results, and it is recommended that doctors make further diagnosis.

  I hope that after reading the above, everyone knows when is the best time to use the Easysweet Pregnancy test, and if you need it, you can send me an email for consultation. If you need any help, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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