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Easysweet test for COVID-19 how to use it

  Easysweet test for COVID-19 how to use it?What are the specific ways to use it? The following three steps and two important reminders will answer the questions for you.

  Easysweet test for COVID-19 method

  Step 1: preparation before self-test

  1. Wash hands. Wash your hands with flowing water or hand disinfectant before opening the package. This can reduce errors caused by pollution.

  2. Carefully read the supporting instructions and precautions related to antigen self-test to understand the test process. Different manufacturers may have slightly different details.

  3. Prepare for the test. Check whether the antigen self-test device is within the warranty period and whether the contents are missing or damaged. The antigen detection card shall be placed in a flat and clean place after unpacking.

  Step 2: sample collection

  Before collecting the specimen, blow off the nose with toilet paper. Those over 14 years old can perform nasal swab sampling on their own. Children aged 2-14 were sampled by other adults. In particular, it should be emphasized that the sampling process, whether the sampling location is correct, the depth is sufficient, as well as the degree of accuracy and strength, will have a greater impact on the results. Therefore, when sampling, you must follow the steps to do it.

  Step 3: antigen detection

  Finally, judge the results. You must be patient when waiting for the results, and the results displayed are more credible according to the waiting time (usually 15 minutes) in the reagent instructions.

  1. Invalid result: No red or purple band is shown at "C", regardless of whether the band is shown at "T". If the result is invalid, you need to take the test device and retest.

  2. Negative results: red or purple bands are displayed at "C", no bands are displayed at "T".

  3. Positive results: Red or purple bands are displayed at both "C" and "T", and the color of the band at "T" can be dark or light, which are all positive results.



  Two Important Reminders:

  1. After the test, the test supplies should be properly disposed of. Whether it is self-testing for isolation observation or self-testing of community residents, it is necessary to pay attention to the testing supplies must be sealed as soon as possible.

  Regardless of whether the test result is negative or positive, the sealed bag is disposed of by management according to medical waste procedures.

  If the test result is negative, all nasal swabs, extraction buffer, test device, etc. after use will be placed in a sealed bag and disposed of as general garbage; if the test result is positive, the sealed bag will be handed over to the medical institution as medical waste when the personnel are transported. program processing.

  2. Once the antigen test is positive, for the health and social safety of yourself and your family, please do not walk around at will, and immediately contact the community management personnel or unit for further processing.

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