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What are the precautions for using Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit

  The types of COVID-19 Test Kits are mainly classified according to the detection methods, such as Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit, Latex Kit, Fluorescence Immunoassay Kit, etc. When using, the Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit precautions: Use disinfectants to disinfect spilled samples or device do not use expired kits, etc.

  What are the specific COVID-19 Test Kits and what are the precautions for using the COVID-19 Test Kit!



  What kinds of COVID-19 Test Kits are there?

  1. The Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit colloidal gold method is that chloroauric acid can be polymerized into gold particles of a certain size under the action of reducing agents such as white phosphorus, ascorbic acid, sodium citrate, tannic acid, etc. A stable colloidal state, forming a negatively charged hydrophobic glue solution, becomes a stable colloidal state due to electrostatic action, so it is called colloidal gold.

  2. Latex agglutination method is an indirect agglutination test using latex particles as a carrier. That is, the adsorption of soluble antigens on its surface, after specific antibodies bind to it, can produce agglutination reaction. This method has unique advantages: no special equipment, visual judgment, simple operation, no special training; short detection time, generally 2 min; low price, the cost of detecting a single serum sample is higher than other serological and pathogenic methods Much lower; suitable for on-site testing, etc., and is widely used in clinical testing.

  Fluorescence immunoassay is a method that combines the specificity of immunological reactions with the sensitivity of fluorescence technology. Fluorescence immunoassay plays an important role in basic medical research and clinical diagnosis, and the development of labeled probes with excellent performance is a decisive factor in the development of this technology. In recent years, semiconductor fluorescent nanocrystals have attracted extensive attention due to their special physical and chemical properties, and have been widely used as a new generation of fluorescent markers in the fields of optics, biology, and medicine.

  What are the precautions for using Easyweet COVID-19 Test Kit?



  1. The instructions should be read carefully before the test. Sample sampling and processing should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions. Attention should be paid to the depth of the swab, the part of the swab in contact with the human tissue, the contact time, the contact strength, the operation method, and the dripping amount of the sample extract. , sample testing waiting time, etc.

  2. Do not open the inner packaging before it is ready, and use it as soon as possible after opening the inner packaging.

  3. Do not suck the sample with your mouth.

  4. Do not smoke, eat, drink, make up or wear contact lenses when handling these items.

  5. Disinfect spilled samples orextraction buffer with disinfectant.

  6. After the test, regardless of whether the test result is negative or positive, the used swabs, extraction

  tubes, test devices and other wastes should be put into a sealed bag and must not be discarded at will.

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