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Easysweet Dengue NS1 Rapid Test (colloidal gold method)

  Easysweet Dengue NS1 Rapid Test qualitatively detects dengue virus Ns1 antigen in human serum/plasma/whole blood samples for clinical auxiliary diagnosis of dengue virus infection



  Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by dengue virus (DN) and transmitted by mosquito-borne. The clinical features are abrupt onset, high fever, systemic muscle, iliac and joint pain, extreme fatigue, and some patients may have rash, bleeding tendency and lymphadenopathy. Dengue virus 1 protein is a highly conserved non-structural glycoprotein of Dengue virus. It exists in membrane-bound and secreted forms, and both have strong immunogenicity: Dengue virus NS1 protein is present in the serum of patients in the early stage of dengue fever. It exists in dengue fever and appears earlier than IM resistance, and it has been proved to be useful for the early diagnosis and prognostic evaluation of dengue fever. In addition, dengue virus NS1 protein also plays an important role in the pathogenesis and immunity of dengue fever. Therefore, the detection of dengue virus NS1 protein can be used for early diagnosis of dengue virus.

  Easysweet Dengue NS1 Rapid Test inspection method

  l. Read theinstructions for use carefully before testing

  2. After the samples to be tested, testing rdevice and other kit components are evenly brought to room temperature, take out the test strips or test cassette

  3. Strip product: insert the end of the test strip with the arrow into the blood sample or plasma sample, take it out and lay it flat after 10 seconds. The depth of the test strip inserted into the sample should not exceed the MA mark; or directly insert the 60μ1~80μ1 sample. Add it to the lower end of the MAX mark line of the test strip.

  4. Cassette type product: add 3-4 drops (120-160 µL) of sample to the sample hole with the equipped dropper

  5. If testing whole blood samples, 120-160 µL whole blood should be added dropwise to the lower end of the MA mark line of the test strip or the sample hole of the test cassette.

  The results were observed after 20 minutes and showed no clinical significance after 20 minutes.

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