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How to see Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit results

  Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit screening can be performed at home by yourself. The specific method is to prepare for the antigen self-test, collect the sample and then perform the antigen test. So what do you think of the antigen test results? There are usually three types of display, showing that two bars are positive and one bar is negative. In addition, there is no red or purple band at C, which is an invalid result.

  1. How to use Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit



  Preparation before antigen self-test

  (1) Wash your hands. Wash hands with running water or hand sanitizer.

  (2) Understand the testing process. Carefully read the instruction manual of the antigen self-test device and the precautions related to the antigen self-test.

  (3) Prepare for the test. Check whether the antigen self-test device is within the shelf life, and check whether the contents of the nasal swab, extraction buffer, test device, etc. are missing or damaged. If the device expires or the contents of the device are missing or damaged, the detection device should be replaced in time.

  (4) Confirm the testing requirements for ambient temperature and humidity. The detection of colloidal gold test strips generally requires normal temperature conditions of 10°C-30°C to avoid abnormal test results caused by excessively cold, overheated or excessively humid environments. Unpack the antigen test cassette and place it in a flat, clean place.

  2. Sample collection

  (1) A nasal swab sample can be self-collected by an individual aged 15-70 years.The self-tester first blows his nose with toilet paper. Carefully unpack the nasal swab to avoid touching the swab tip with your hands. Then tilt the head slightly, hold the swab in one hand and stick the tail of the swab into one nostril, and slowly go backward along the bottom of the lower nasal passage for Approx.2cm, then stick to the nasal cavity and rotate 5-10 times (the dwell time is not less than 15 seconds), then Repeat the same for the other nasal cavity using the same swab.

  (2) Self-exams aged 2-14 years should be sampled by other adults. When sampling, first blow the nose with toilet paper, and then tilt the head slightly. Sampling personnel carefully unpack the nasal swab, avoid touching the swab head with hands, gently support the head of the person being collected with one hand, hold the swab with the other hand and stick it into one nostril, and slowly penetrate backward along the bottom of the lower nasal passage. After approx.2cm, stick to the nasal cavity and rotate 5-10 times (the dwell time is not less than 15 seconds), and then use the same swab to repeat the same operation for the other nasal cavity.

  3. Antigen detection

  (1) According to the instructions of thetest device, put the nasal swab after collecting the sample into the extraction tube immediately. The swab head should be rotated and mixed in the extraction buffer for 10-15

  seconds, and the swab head should be squeezed by hand through the outer wall of the extraction tube. At least 5 times to ensure that the sample is sufficiently eluted in the extraction tube.

  (2) Squeeze the liquid of the swab head through the outer wall of the sampling tube by hand, and then discard the swab. After capping the extraction tube, drop the liquid vertically into the sample hole of the test device.

  What are the results of the Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit?

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