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What are the Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit methods

  The Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit method includes self-test using antigen detection reagents at home, and can also be tested in primary medical and health institutions. So can antigen detection also stab the throat or nose like nucleic acid? Generally speaking, the Easyweet COVID-19 Test Kit is stabbed in the nose, because the viral load in the cavity will be more than that in the throat, which will make the antigen detection more accurate. a little.

  1. What are the Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit methods?

  1. Self-test method

  Instructions for self-testing: Antigen testing is generally used in the acute infection period, that is, the sample testing within 7 days of the onset of symptoms in the suspected population. Both positive and negative antigen results of the suspected population should undergo further nucleic acid testing. Positive results can be used for early triage and rapid management of suspected populations, but cannot be used as the basis for the diagnosis of new coronavirus infection.

  2. Testing methods for primary medical and health institutions

  The basic principle:

  (1) The testing capabilities of primary medical and health institutions should match the number of outpatient and emergency visits, inpatients, and other diagnosis and treatment volumes to avoid problems such as backlog of specimens, specimen failure, and delayed feedback of test results caused by the number of collections significantly exceeding the testing capabilities.

  (2) When collecting specimens, primary medical and health institutions should set up different sampling areas according to different collection objects, and collect samples from fever patients and other groups in different areas to avoid possible cross-infection.

  2. Can the antigen test be stabbed in the throat?



  Usually it's a nose poke.

  Everyone knows that nucleic acid test sampling can stab the nose or the throat. This is because the nucleic acid test is more sensitive and accurate, and the antigen test is generally poking the nose, because the viral load in the nasal cavity is higher than that in the throat. More, so the antigen detection nasal swab will be relatively accurate.

  The Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit is a very common method for detecting the new coronavirus today. It has certain advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that it is simple and fast, and results can be obtained in 10 to 15 minutes. Individuals can self-test, which is conducive to early triage of suspected people. And rapid management, the disadvantage is that the sensitivity is slightly less, and it is not as sensitive as nucleic acid detection.



  Easysweet COVID-19 products can be tested quickly, and the test can be completed within 20 minutes.If you are interested in Easysweet COVID-19 Test kit , please do not hesitate to contact us.

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