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The harm of drug use

There are many hazards of drugs which are categorized three main types:

Physical and mental harm

    (1) Toxic effects of drug use on the body: Toxic effects refer to a harmful effect on the body caused by excessive drug dosage or drug use for too long, usually accompanied by dysfunction of the body and histopathological changes. The main features of poisoning are: lethargy, dysesthesia, ataxia, hallucinationdelusion, unorientation.

    (2) Withdrawal reaction: is a serious and potentially fatal physical and mental damage caused by long-term drug use, usually after abrupt discontinuation or reduction of drug doses. Many drug users, without financial resources, take drugs, or die from various complications caused by serious physical withdrawal reactions, or commit suicide due to unbearable suffering. Withdrawal reaction is also an important reason for the difficulty in withdrawal of drug addicts.

    (3) Mental disorder: The most prominent mental disorder caused by drug use is hallucination and disturbance of thought. Their behavior is characterized around drugs, and they can even dehumanize them for drug use.

    (4) Infectious disease: Intravenous drug use brings infectious complications to abusers, and the most common of which are purulent infection and Hepatitis B and the worrying AIDS question. In addition, drug use can also damage the nervous system, the immune system, easy to infect a variety of diseases.

Harm to society

    (1) Harm to the family: While drug users destroy themselves, they also destroy their own families, making them fall into the difficult situation of economic bankruptcy, relatives discrete, and even family ruin.

    (2) Huge damage to social productivity: Drug abuse first causes physical illness and affects production, and secondly causes huge loss and waste of social wealth. At the same time, drug activities also cause environmental degradation and reduce the living space of human beings.

    (3) Drug activities disrupt social security: The aggravation of drug activities induces various illegal and criminal activities, disrupts social security, and poses a huge threat to social stability.

Hazards to the mechanism of the human body

The most prevalent and harmful drug is the heroin which is an opioid tincture. In some organs in the brain and body in normal people, there are endogenous opioid peptides and opioid receptors. Under normal circumstances, endogenous opioid peptides act on opioid receptors and regulate people's mood and behavior. After taking heroin, the form of endogenous opioid peptides is inhibited and a balanced state will gradually be formed under the action of heroin. Once it is stopped, symptoms such as uneasy, anxiety, hot and cold, goosebumps, tears, runny nose, sweating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea will appear. The pain of this withdrawal reaction, in turn, prompts drug addicts to do everything possible to maintain drug use in order to avoid this pain. Methamphetamine and Ecstasy is pharmacological actioncentral stimulant, destroying people nerve center. Now there are criminals who say that taking ice drugs will not make the body addicted lure teenagers astray. This view is absolutely wrong. Young people must be determined and resolutely resist. Most drug addicts end up in ruins or in drug rehab centers.


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