Cathine (CAT) Rapid Test

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Cathine (CAT) Rapid Test

The CAT Rapid Test is for the detection of Cathine in specimen.Cathinone, also known as benzoylethanamine, or β-keto-amphetamine is a monoamine alkaloid found in the shrub Catha edulis (CAT) and is chemically similar to ephedrine, Cathinone, methCathinone and other amphetamines.
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Product features:
  • Fast results
  • Easy visually interpretation
  • Simple operation, no equipment required
  • High accuracy

Product specification

Principle Chromatographic Immunoassay Format Dipstick, Cassette, Panel, Cup
Specimen Urine Certificate CE
Reading Time 5 minutes Pack 40T/50T
Storage Temperature 2-30°C Shelf Life 2 Years
Sensitivity 90.5% Specificity 97.3%
Accuracy 95.8% Cut-Off 150 ng/mL*

Materials provided

Package Content 1 Content 2 Content 3
Cathine (CAT) Rapid Test Cassette ESWT-DCAT-02 Urine 150 ng/mL*