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Clinical application of luteinizing hormone (LH) colloidal gold test strip

1. Instructing conception and contraception: normal women maintain a small amount of luteinizing hormone (LH). The secretion of LH increases in the middle of menstruation, forming an LH peak, and in the following 28 hours, it stimulates the release of mature eggs in the ovary, that is, ovulation. Detect the level of LH in the urine of women of childbearing age to identify the ovarian function and predict ovulation, so on grasp the best time for conception and contraception. The vast majority of women ovulate 400 to 500 eggs in their lifetime. One egg released every month can survive for 24 hours and generally lose the ability to conceive within 10 hours. The quality of eggs is related to women's mental state, physical health, and environmental conditions. The number of sperms in the semen that a man ejaculates each time is very large, and it generally survives for 72 hours. To make the sperm with good quality and strong motility combined with the fertile egg, it is necessary to have intercourse within 10 hours after the egg is discharged, so that those active sperm can be combined. strong sperm combines with the egg to achieve the purpose of excellent pregnancy. Ovulation test strips can predict ovulation within 48 hours of ovulation, which provides an accurate time for a good pregnancy. With the increasing number of working women, it is necessary to arrange work and life and choose a reasonable time for conception. The use of ovulation test strips can guide the selection of the time of conception. Taking rhythm contraception, and poor grasp of rhythm often lead to contraceptive failure, if you can know exactly the time of ovulation, you can achieve safe contraception. Ovulation test strips can guide effective contraception.


2. Postpartum ovulation prediction: most women during lactation are amenorrhea, and many people use prolonged lactation to achieve contraceptive purposes, but it is not very reliable. Ovulation prediction and contraception based on the results. Ovulation test strips are convenient, simple, easy to use and provide a basis for effective postpartum contraception.

3. Infertility: The quick and easy urine LH peak test method is widely used in clinical diagnosis and treatment of infertility, the number of artificial insemination can be reduced by selecting the time of insemination. The post-coital test on the LH peak day can reflect the penetration of sperm into the cervical mucus, which can help to select the time of egg collection and the transfer time of frozen-thawed embryos in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer technology.

4. Diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorders: Menstrual disorders are common diseases among women, among which amenorrhea and functional uterine bleeding are the most common diseases, both of which involve the presence or absence of ovulation. Physicians must know whether there is ovulation before diagnosis and treatment. Ovulation test strips provide a convenient and fast diagnostic method for the majority of medical staff.

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