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Who is the Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit suitable for?

  The Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit and nucleic acid detection are both a detection method for the new coronavirus, but there are certain differences between the two in terms of detection method, test result accuracy, scope of application and detection cost. For example, the accuracy of antigen detection is lower than that of nucleic acid detection. The SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test (Nasal Swab) is intended to be used bylaypersons as a self-test for home.



  What is the difference between Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit and nucleic acid detection

  Antigen detection and nucleic acid detection are both important ways to screen for new coronavirus infection, but there are certain differences between the two in terms of detection methods, test results accuracy, scope of application, and test costs.

  1. Detection method: The antigen detection method is simple, easy to operate, and can be used at home, which is convenient and quick, and the result can be obtained in 15 minutes. Nucleic acid testing must be carried out in a laboratory, and it needs to be operated by professional testing personnel. The testing method is relatively complex, professional, time-consuming, and slow to produce results.

  2. Accuracy of test results: The antigen is the shell of the new coronavirus, and the corresponding antigen is detected by the antibody coated with the test paper. If the amount of antigen is very small, it is not easy to produce a positive result. Compared with nucleic acid detection, the sensitivity is not as good as nucleic acid detection, because nucleic acid detection is amplified by PCR, and a smaller number of virus samples can significantly increase the number of nucleic acids through amplification, so nucleic acid detection is relatively more sensitive. In addition, if there is a protein component similar to the virus antigen in the antigen test, it will react with the coated antibody, and it is prone to false positives. The nucleic acid is the gene that detects the virus, and the detection result is relatively more accurate.

  3. Scope of application: Antigen detection has a wider application range because of its simple method and easy operation. Isolate observers, close contact, sub-close contact, and even residents who want to do their own testing can also conduct antigen testing. In this way, the scope of screening can be expanded in a short period of time, and those infected with the virus can be found in time to reduce the spread of the virus. Because nucleic acid testing is highly specialized, the scope of testing personnel has certain limitations;

  4. Testing cost: The new coronavirus has been mutated continuously, the speed of transmission has accelerated in a short period of time, the number of infected people has continued to increase, and the cost of nucleic acid testing is high. At the same time, the slow detection speed is not conducive to early detection of cases and is not conducive to epidemic prevention and control. The cost of antigen detection is lower, it is easy to produce, and it can reduce the social and economic burden. The universal application of antigen detection will have strong value for early detection of cases and enhanced epidemic control.

  The Easysweet COVID-19 Test Kit can be used for screening specific groups of people, which is beneficial to improve the ability of "early detection", but it cannot replace nucleic acid detection, which is still the basis for the diagnosis of new coronavirus infection. Antigen testing is prone to false positives, and should be used in high-risk, high-prevalence clusters of infections. In low-prevalence areas of the new coronavirus, it is not recommended if there are no symptoms and no relevant epidemiological travel history. The general population does the new coronavirus antigen test. Our products are excellently made and reasonably priced, which is why so many customers choose and trust us. Free samples could be provided for your evaluation. Feel free to contact Easysweet with any questions you may have.

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